For all enquiries please reach out to Jaime Pagliarulo, Director of our Exportable Leadership Curriculum,
for any and all questions.

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All of us at the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy are fiercely optimistic about leadership potential and the magic that happens when you unlock it in a young person. And we also think sports provide the perfect vehicle to pass on these lessons about character and life. Yet, we believe that in competitive sports today, too little time and attention is dedicated to the gift that is sports… and the wealth of leadership development that happens within sports.

So with that in mind, our JFSLA exportable curriculum aims to empower as many players (and coaches of course) as possible to go forward and rock this world. We are ecstatic to announce that, a year after the successful launch of Julie’s book on leadership and laughter, Choose to Matter: Being Courageously and Fabulously YOU, JFSLA is teaming up with organizations to bring our leadership academy TO YOU.

Below is a brief summary of our mini camp and leadership programming. Our goal is to not just offer a Mini-Camp. But for the Mini Camp to be the launch pad for all our leadership curriculum and training. In fact, our Mini-Camp funds a year of leadership training for players, coaches, and parents within your club, at no additional cost. Content and delivery can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Because in the end, we all want the same thing. We want our kids to be amazing humans that give back to this world. And of course, play sports. So sit down, snuggle in, and come join our leadership party…

“Again, all of this can be tailored to meet your organizations needs and requests”

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JFSLA Leadership Programming

1) Mini Camp – JFSLA staff will run a mini-camp for your players alongside your club coaches. The camp includes both on the field sessions and off the field sessions with leadership topics embedded. The camp is an opportunity for JFSLA staff to model leadership activities and coaching with leadership topics woven into the soccer sessions. It is also an opportunity to meet with parents, coaches and staff about our leadership philosophy and curriculum. Organizations can charge players for the mini camp to cover the annual cost of the leadership programming or can get sponsorship to pay for the mini camp for the players. Cost per player will be based on the length of the camp, the number of players attending, and number of JFSLA staff attending. Possible topics at mini camp: Leadership Styles, Self Confidence, Team Building, Group Challenges, Public Speaking, Growth Mindset, and on the field activities.

The Mini Camp then funds a year of our JFSLA leadership programming, which includes (at no additional charge):

2) Monthly Emails to Coaches from Julie – JFSLA will send monthly emails from Julie to coaches with two activities that support the monthly themes. The themes coincide with the JFSLA EMPOWERrings we have developed over the 13 years of our Julie Foudy Leadership Academy and as you find in Julie’s book, Choose to Matter. Coaches will implement the activities at the end of practice either on the field or in a classroom setting. The idea is to offer character development and leadership development activities during/after practice in an organic way. The activities can be completed at any point throughout the month so coaches have flexibility with regards to when to implement the 15-20 minute activities at the end of practice. Jaime Pagliarulo, director of our JFSLA exportable leadership curriculum, will be available via email or phone to assist coaches with questions or concerns.
Example email schedule based on EMPOWERring Themes:
Aug and Sept – Self
Oct and Nov – Team
Jan and Feb – Schools (dealing with pressure)
Mar and Apr - Community

The “Community” themed months are when teams complete a group leadership service project or when a player completes an individual leadership service project. This can include fun competitions between teams within the club.

3) Emails to Parents – Parents will receive an email every other month. Emails will include information about the monthly leadership themes and additional information that helps keep youth sports in perspective. (Examples: why laughter should be encouraged, suggestions about what to say to your child after a game, how to help your child embrace pressure situations, etc.)

4) Choose to Matter Book Study Guide – The club will be provided with the Choose to Matter Book Study Guide & Sock Talk. Older players in the club can facilitate the book study/sock talks as a mentorship opportunity or an adult can help run the sessions. These are fun, reflective sessions following Julie’s book and also provide for great team building opportunities. Jaime Pagliarulo, director of our JFSLA exportable leadership curriculum, will touch base with all book study facilitators prior to the first book study session. (The club could launch the book study one time during the year OR the club could offer multiple meetings throughout the year.)

5) Captains’ Meetings – Captains meet twice a year to discuss challenges and strategies of being a leader. A club staff member facilitates the session. JFSLA will provide sample meeting agendas and talking points. Julie Foudy will SKYPE with the group for one of these meetings.

6) College Prep Component – TBD based on the needs of the club. Focus will be providing athletes with advice on the decision making process from first hand sources (College Coaches, College Athletes, and Parents of College Athletes).

7) SoccerMoms 101 class – Class is designed to be a “no judgement/no pressure” opportunity for moms to learn the basics of soccer and try out a few skills. NO BOYS ALLOWED! Class will run during the mini camp and will last approximately 60-90 minutes. All Moms in the club are welcome.

Again, all of this can be tailored to meet your organizations needs and requests.