The JFSLA is a four-night, five-day residential Academy for girls ages 12-18, The Academy focuses on two overlapping components -- sports and leadership. The aim of the JFSLA is to expose students to Julie’s great passion: the concept of not just being a leader on the field but a LEADER IN LIFE.

Julie Foudy, the former USA Women’s Soccer Team Captain, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and two-time World Cup Champion, successfully launched the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy (the “JFSLA”) in the summer of 2006 along with her husband, Ian Sawyers, the former head coach of the WUSA San Jose Cyberrays and the 2001 WUSA coach of the year, and their good friends Kerri McClellan, Edson McClellan, and Todd Smith.

The JFSLA's sports component started with soccer and now has added lacrosse, water polo, and basketball. As with Julie's day camps, the soccer staff of the JFSLA consists of some of the biggest names in women's soccer, including other Olympic Gold Medalists from the US Women's National Team, international stars, professional players, and top collegiate coaches and players.

The second component of the Academy is leadership. Our leadership curriculum is geared toward developing and expanding leadership skills in our students. Students will participate in hands-on activities and do team-building exercises that focus on the following themes:
-- how to develop the confidence to lead and the different roles/ styles of leaders
-- how to be a positive leader on your team, regardless of your role
-- how to be a leader in your school and in the hallways
-- how to be a leader in your community (which includes a service learning project that each student can take to her own community).
-- how to bring all of that to LIFE!

Students will also hear from guest speakers, including well-known politicians, business leaders, and educators.

Although each day is divided into roughly half of each chosen sport and half of the leadership curriculum, the JFSLA is designed so that the sports and leadership components tie together. As Julie and Jen know, and as many agree, sports and leadership go hand-in-hand. The lessons an athlete learns on the field of striving for goals, motivating others, and problem solving translate into leadership skills the athlete can apply off the field. By the same token, individuals who develop leadership skills off the field are often able to bring those skills to the field to draw out the best in themselves and their teammates.

Our Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy philosophy is to bring out not only the best players, but also the best leader in each student. Julie often says, "Sports gave me my voice." We want our students to experience the confidence sports can offer. And as Julie learned with the National Team, LOVE what you do! Laughter permitted.